How to track a Fake Facebook Account

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The trick How To track a fake Facebook account, one of you does not need to be a technical expert person. All is that one needs is an Internet connection, a new Facebook account and a valid e-mail id from any service provider such as Gmail,, mail etc. This is surely a relief since the possibility of someone stealing your credentials and creating a fake Facebook account is quite high in today’s the Internet world that is jam-packed with experienced cyber criminals. In order for you to safeguard your reputation and client base, it is imperative that you take an immediate action with respect to this issue. Once you come to know that there is another person out there who is pretending to be you and exploiting your credentials, taking appropriate actions becomes crucial. If you presume contacting the Support team on Facebook is a good idea, then you are wrong. They are no help in such matters. The best and smartest way to identify the imposter would be track his/her location by finding the IP address from which the fake account has been created. This could be a challenging yet rewarding the task. In the below steps, we will go through the process of finding the IP address and then tracing out it's location.
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To Track a fake profile on facebook

  1.  Once you spotted your fake facebook account holder, send that person a friend request and include a catchy message that entices the person into accepting your request. This way you could trace down their fake facebook account.
  2. Urge the person to contact you through an email by making an offer that is hard to refuse.
    Email the person involved
  3. Patiently wait for the person to reply. When he does, click on the ‘down arrow’ next to the ‘Reply’ button on the mail. Click on ‘Show Original’.Click Show Original
  4. All the IP addresses involved in routing of your email including the source IP address will follow the text ‘Received From’. So it could be tedious to locate the IP address from which the mail originated. It would most probably be the one that is listed at the bottom-most end of the page or farthest from the text “Received From”.Find out the fake facebook user's ip
  5. An easier approach is to go to lookup on this site and paste the message header in the input box after which the IP address will automatically be displayed to for you.
  6. Now that you have the IP address, track the location using several online tools. Since you need to track a fake Facebook account holder, you can also hire an investigator to do this task for youLocate the facebook fraud.
You should be the careful once you know who the impostor is. It definitely they would not be just a friend playing a prank or a school going kid wanting to have fun. It is most probably someone with criminal intentions and so could pose a threat to you and your safety. It is best to approach the criminal through lawful ways and save yourself from any harm. So, to track a fake Facebook account is an easy job, however confronting the impostor is a dangerous task and hence it is better to leave the task to professionals.